Individual & Group Therapy Programs for Adolescents & Young Adults

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Changing Lives Through Connection and Community

Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health is a welcoming, non-judgmental, Denver-based individual and group therapy program that gives teenagers and young adults a safe, supportive place to be and belong. We focus on getting to know each of our clients on an individual level and help them move forward by using adapted and collaborative Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) practices while teaching positive core values and skills for a more effective, successful, and fulfilling life.

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Finding Your Real Fit

Personalized programming as unique as you are


At Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health, our individual therapy program truly lives up to its name. That’s because we acknowledge that one approach does not fit all, so each of our sessions are based on the personality, treatment goals, and individual needs of each client.

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As the leading adolescent and young adult group therapy provider in the Denver Metro area, Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health proudly offers a unique, non-judgmental environment that gives our clients a supportive, safe place to learn, grow and belong. Our DBT-Based, values-driven positive peer culture is all about creating a more skillful, adaptive, and balanced young person.

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An essential addition to Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health’s one-on-one and group programming, this opportunity involves a keen interest in our client’s day-to-day experiences with experiential therapies. These might include team-focused case management, daily activity therapy and mentorship, as well as field or exposure therapy. These hands-on programs allow our clients to learn and apply skills in new and different ways.

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Parent and Clinician Resources

If you’re looking for information on parent sessions, downloadable client forms for your teenager or young adult, or if you are a clinician who would like to submit a client referral, you’ve come to the right place.

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The first step is always the hardest—but Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health is here to provide the most supportive, inclusive, and positive peer culture that fosters trust, builds relationships, and strives to keep all of our clients moving forward.

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