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Going Beyond Talk Therapy

Experiential therapy (or Exposure Therapy) is a cognitive behavior therapy modality specifically targeting anxiety disorders. Experiential Avoidance, coupled with the side effects of excessive use of technology, leaves many young people disconnected from others and themselves and their values. Additionally, some clients may struggle with disproportionate emotional reactions that oftentimes involve self-sabotage or even self-harm.

At Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health, we recognize that forming a trusting relationship with our clients and increasing their development and success often goes well beyond one-on-one and group therapy. Our integration of a variety of experiential therapy techniques allows us to get to know our members on a deeper level and see how they behave and react in different life situations when they’re not solely focused on their traditional therapy session. What’s more, our therapists realize that these practices also help our members deal with normal life stressors and situations that could easily interfere with their progress.

Several of the experiential therapy techniques that we focus on at Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health:

  • Coaching/Mentorship
  • Case Management
  • Daily Activity Therapy
  • Field or Exposure Therapy

Creating Meaningful Connections

Often, youth who are experiencing difficulties in many aspects of their lives need more than just one type of support and communication to grow and thrive. That’s where we come in. By coordinating life-coaching and mentorship outside the walls of Cherry Creek Collective for Mental Health, we’re able to lead by example and teach our members the core values and skills they need to navigate life successfully.

Additional activities might be specifically targeted tasks or “to-do” lists to help our clients gain momentum or form new habits/routines.


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